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About Us


Lua founder, Terri Nguyen, has a diverse background building businesses across multiple industries from high tech to restaurant and catering services to event planning. Over the last 8 years her focus has been specialty coffee, and her mission, to present traditional Vietnamese Coffee in a fun and lively drinking experience. Lua’s Single-Serve Pour-Over is a new coffee brewing concept achieving that experience.

The Single-Serve Pour-Over contains single-estate coffee grown 1500 meters above sea level, in the Cau Dat region of Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. The carefully roasted Arabica beans produce a low-acidity, full-bodied brew, with long finish. The brewed coffee presents aromas of toasted nuts and grains and a flavor that is brown sugar, malt, and caramel. The aroma and flavor of cocoa present in darker roasts. Sweetness and bitterness are well balanced.

Lua’s Single-Serve Pour-Over coffee is available in packages of 5, 10, 100 and 700 servings. The above options are prepared and packaged at our cGMP and ISO 22000 accredited facility.

Lua works with hotels, restaurants, groceries, coffee shops, and more!